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Une grande marque de pot d'échappement a très bon prix reconnu dans le monde entier. 

In the 70s, Giorgio Giannelli, a young motor and motocross enthusiast, participated in his first races and in many national championships
These were also the years when he got closer to mechanics and became a passion that still is todayARROW Special Part was born in 1985 when Giorgio GIANNELLI (a very good motocross rider) made his idea a reality: to create a company engaged in the production of high performance exhaust systems. The first products were designed for off-road motorcycles and very soon the success of these parts led to the beginning of the production of an increasing number of exhaust systems and other "special parts". The accessories were designed and developed also thanks to the very important investment of Michele RINALDI, then 125 MX class World Champion.
After a few seasons, the first world title arrives, when the Belgian pilot JOBE wins the 500 MX Class World Championship.
Soon, alongside the range of exhausts and accessories for 2-stroke motorcycles, a new line of exhaust systems for 4-stroke motorcycles is designed: tested during the demanding Paris-Dakar Rally, these exhausts were mounted on the winning Honda of the race by Edi ORIOLI, in 1988. In the 90's, ARROW achieves definitive recognition as one of the most important brands and companies in the motorcycle world. A large series of racing successes allows a strong growth in the export markets. These are the years of PUZAR, PARKER, SCHMIDT, SCHWANTZ, MOORE, BIAGGI, DOOHAN, CRIVILLE, BARTOLINI and CHAMBON, all of whom are crowned World Champions using a pot ARROW : there is no track without exhaust ARROW at the top.
This lineup of awesome drivers was a boost to the creation of the brand ARROW and has been especially fundamental in achieving the level of quality, performance and reliability of the products ARROW.
Also in the 90s, new investments were made in research and development, creating the R & D Department and the Race-Lab, which provides direct support to the teams on the tracks. ARROW establishes its role as one of the major market players in the motorcycle industry and new product lines are created with new exhausts for scooters and street bikes.
It was in this decade that the first experiments were carried out with carbon fiber and titanium. With these new materials, the products ARROW will reach new heights of quality and style in the following years.
In order to better respond to the needs of the markets and to maintain the highest level, all production and logistics processes were reworked and renewed during this period. This push towards a new modern company was complementary and not a replacement of the traditional craft of Arrow's production teams (especially in the welding processes) . The commitment ofARROW for racing and motorsports has given enthusiastic results in recent years: more than 40 world titles in different categories, to which we can add all the victories in local and national races.
The search for better performance, better materials and unique style has had an undeniable effect on production. Nowadays ARROW has expertise in the design, development, testing and production of exhaust systems for sport bikes, street bikes, off-road bikes, tourers/cruisers, scooters and maxi-scooters. A large majority of the products are available in "street legal" version, according to European standards, in close cooperation with the most important certification agencies in Europe.
In this last period, the Technical Office sees the introduction of 3D CAD modeling, a very important step to keep design capabilities corresponding to the needs of current and future technology. Production processes have been improved with the introduction of state-of-the-art machinery such as laser cutting, automated warehouses for components, latest generation bending machines .... These investments target the efficiency of mass production and the operational flexibility necessary to maintain the highest level of competitiveness in this constantly changing market
A large part of the investment was also used to improve the tooling services, with new machines and software.
The high quality of processes and products is fundamental for many motorcycle manufacturers who require ARROW to design, develop and produce OES and OEM exhaust systems. ARROW is a partner of companies such as Aprilia, Betamotor, Husqvarna, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta, KMSB (Kawasaki Malaysia), Piaggio and Triumph.
Recently, a merger between Giannelli Silencieux and ARROW has taken place and, ARROW SPECIAL PARTS had the task of designing, developing, producing and distributing both brands
At present, the products ARROW are distributed in more than 60 countries worldwide. ARROW has a strong presence in Europe, North America and Australia and is growing strongly in South America and the Far East, where the situation is improving as the company invests in international and local shows and exhibitions.
With the strength acquired during the 30 years of existence, with experience and knowledge, ARROW faces the challenges of today's markets and tries to seize all the opportunities that these challenges offer. ARROW sees itself as a young company walking towards the future, with enthusiasm and energy. All this makes ARROW a market leader and a benchmark.

And the story continues ...

When a new motorcycle is introduced to the market, ARROW normally decides to design an exhaust system for this machine. ARROW may also decide to create a new product (new materials, new shape, etc.) for an existing motorcycle or to improve a range by adapting it to older vehicles
In both cases, the exhaust system is designed directly on the motorcycle / scooter / or moped. The vehicle (in most cases completely original) is placed on a stand in one of the workstations available in the R & D then they start to think, to discuss the best position of the exhaust. The design is then transferred to a physical sample, and, thanks to the experience and knowledge of the R & D technicians and engineers, the prototype is built piece by piece, using parts already available and new parts designed to fit this vehicle.
When it is ready, the prototype exhaust system is tested and checked for engine power, noise, and emissions and to make sure the fitment will be perfect. Sometimes it is necessary to make some changes to get the right balance (between power, noise and emissions). After each change the exhaust prototype is checked again to arrive at the final prototype that will be put into production and available for sale as soon as possible.

The heart of the R&D department is the test room. There, a set of tools allows ARROW check power and torque, emission levels, fuel supply, ECU, and engine settings.
Inside the room, there are four test platforms (1 static and 3 dynamic) capable of interacting with the gas analyzer, looking for exhaust emission levels and allowing the design of emission control devices such as catalytic converters.

The majority of exhausts ARROW are approved for use on public roads. ARROW has been working for many years with the most important certification agencies in Europe in order to be able to market exhaust systems that meet the applicable standards, both in Europe and worldwide.
The European standards are defined in the directive 97/ 24 / EC, a directive that has been modified several times in recent years

ARROW applies in particular the following standards:
97/24/EC chapter 5: Pollution Emission
97/24/EC chapter 9: Noise Levels and Power
CARB: U.S. California Air Resources Board or California Environmental Protection Agency

The standards are continuously improved to keep pace with technological advances in vehicle design and to meet the ever-changing need to keep noise, power and emissions under strict control.

Technical Office

The Technical Office is in close contact with both R&D and Production to follow the product development, testing, design and, in particular, all the activities allowing to produce from a prototype, with very efficient processes. The technical office team is the link between the "racing spirit" ofARROW and the "working body", providing companies with relevant product information (drawings, specific techniques, parts lists, material invoices, processes involved, images, catalogs, information sheets) necessary to produce and distribute ARROW correctly. The team also provides the Sales Office with technical support when it comes to customer information.

Race Lab

The Race Lab is the truck that the company ARROW is used to support riders and teams directly on the tracks of the biggest motorcycle races.

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