Pack ATHENA BIG BORE 115cc for YAMAHA YZ 85 from 2002 to 2018

Sale, photo and description of the kit ATHENA BIG BORE 115cc with long stroke crankshaft and cylinder for YAMAHA YZ 85 from 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2018


A top of the line kit that will allow you to start over on your machine at a low price.

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ATHENA offers you this BIG BORE 115cc pack for your YAMAHA YZ 85cc. This pack includes a cylinder ATHENA in aluminum Ø53mm with an internal nickel carbide treatment. This cylinder is perfectly designed and manufactured. It is designed to deliver a lot of performance while remaining reliable. The piston is a forged single ring model to have the most high rpm possible. It is equipped with a Ø14mm piston pin to be more reliable at high rpm despite the torque of this kit. The crankshaft is a reinforced model with lubrication points at the head and foot of the connecting rod to ensure good lubrication of the needle cages. Delivered complete as on the picture with these screws, an assembly manual, as well as these seals. This pack does not require any engine adaptation. You don't need to machine the crankcases to fit the crankshaft. This pack allows you to have the lightness of the 85 YZ and the performance of the 125cc. What more could you ask for?

Fits on:

YAMAHA YZ 85 2002

YAMAHA YZ 85 2003

YAMAHA YZ 85 2004

YAMAHA YZ 85 2005

YAMAHA YZ 85 2006

YAMAHA YZ 85 2007

YAMAHA YZ 85 2008

YAMAHA YZ 85 2009

YAMAHA YZ 85 2010

YAMAHA YZ 85 2011

YAMAHA YZ 85 2012

YAMAHA YZ 85 2013

YAMAHA YZ 85 2014

YAMAHA YZ 85 2015

YAMAHA YZ 85 2016

YAMAHA YZ 85 2017

YAMAHA YZ 85 2018