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Un fabricant de vilebrequin de qualité très réputé dans le monde du cross.

Who is HOT RODS?

HOT RODS is one of the many brands that has been created by C&L Companies. The goal of HOT RODS has always been to offer quality crankshafts at the best price. The company has always been committed to offering quality crankshafts at the best possible price, and has taken advantage of the competition to produce products that are more efficient and reliable in the long run. The three most important words of C & L Companies' mission also serve as the company's driving philosophy. Identify, Develop, Deliver. These three simple words succinctly explain what has made our company successful.
In the early 1990's, C & L Companies owner Curt Leaverton realized he wasn't the only motocross enthusiast who needed replacement rods for his bike. As a result, he began marketing about a half dozen replacement connecting rod models under the name Hot Rods. Continually identifying the needs of motocross enthusiasts is the key to what keeps C & L Companies a leader in its markets. Identifying those needs is much easier when you have a staff of enthusiasts who understand the motorcycle business.
Once approved, C & L Companies invests in the appropriate amount of research and development to ensure a quality finished product. All products are designed by a staff of professionals using state-of-the-art development tools and highly documented design procedures developed throughout the company's history. Developing innovative products is just as important to C & L's success as developing exceptional working relationships with the distributors who bring these products to market.

Great products are nothing without exemplary customer service to back them up. C & L Companies is committed to providing our customers with a level of personalized service unmatched in the industry. Simply put, C & L delivers. C & L delivers products in a timely manner to distributors around the world who, in turn, deliver to their dealer networks. C & L provides accurate information to customers via websites and specially trained customer service representatives. C & L supports the motocross community by sponsoring events that promote the sport.

A dirt bike will not put its weekend on hold waiting for a part! There is no such thing as a backorder in the motorsports industry. C & L Companies has made significant investments in its IT infrastructure to support the delivery process. The investment in IT has also paid off by providing a comprehensive network architecture, including advanced security and wireless access (wifi) throughout C & L's facilities. As a result, business-critical applications are tightly integrated with accounting, purchasing, shipping, forecasting and collaboration portals, providing the information needed to ensure product quality when customers demand it.

In everything C & L does, the teams at Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Hot Cams, Cylinder Works, Vertex USA, Bearing Connections, Wrench Rabbit and Fuel Star are committed to providing the best products and most responsive service to the customers who make the company What it is today - a leader.

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