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A brand known in the automotive world thanks to its seriousness and its products that meet very high specifications.

Founded in 1958, managed today by Ernst PROST, and strengthened by an efficient integrated laboratory, LIQUI MOLY GMBH conceives, develops, and constantly improves its products and offers a wide range of treatments and applications adapted to modern requirements.

Thanks to the development of an anti-friction and anti-wear treatment for engine oils, LIQUI MOLY GMBH has become a major player in the field of lubrication in general and the world of mechanics in particular.

Undisputed leader on its demanding national market, LIQUI MOLY GMBH is today present in more than 100 countries and proposes a complete range of treatments of high technicality for many fields, such as the car, the 2 wheels, the nautical industry, the do-it-yourself, the motorcycle or the industry.

Since 1985, LIQUI MOLY France, a national structure, has been marketing a specific range of products "Made in Germany", but adapted to the requirements of the French market and constantly renewed.

LIQUI MOLY France is referenced by a large number of car manufacturers, sensitive to the seriousness and competence of LIQUI MOLYfrance is referenced by a large number of car manufacturers, who appreciate the seriousness and competence of the company, particularly with regard to engine malfunctions and clogging phenomena, mainly due to the irregular quality of fuels and the conditions of use of vehicles (valves, injectors, combustion chambers, EGR valve, turbochargers, particle filters, fuel consumption, pollutant emissions, etc.).

Trusting LIQUI MOLYis to invest in a thoughtful and judicious way to keep your vehicle's original characteristics and performance for as long as possible.

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