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Mitas is a manufacturer of off-road tires (agricultural, industrial and motorcycle) based in the Czech Republic. The history of Mitas dates back to the 1930s, when tire production began in Prague, then the capital of Czechoslovakia, and in Zlín, in the Moravian region. Mitas currently operates three plants in the Czech Republic, one in Serbia and one in the United States in Charles City, Iowa. In addition to these production facilities, Mitas has an extensive international sales and distribution network operating in 14 countries, including the United States. Mitas manufactures and sells tires under three brands: Mitas and Cultor, the company's own brands, as well as Continental under license. This major tire manufacturer based in the Czech Republic, with annual sales of €450 million (2012), is one of Europe's leading producers of tires for agricultural and construction equipment. Mitas is a member of the CGS Holding Group.

Main activities and brands of Mitas
Mitas' main activities are agricultural tires (tractors and harvesters), industrial tires (multipurpose tires, all-terrain tires for earthmoving machines, skid steer loader tires, etc.) and sports motorcycle tires. In 2012, approximately 71 percent of Mitas' revenue came from sales of agricultural tires (Mitas and Cultor brands, and the licensed Continental brand), 23 percent from industrial tire sales, and 2 percent from motorcycle tire sales. The remainder is represented by sales of other products and services.
Mitas brand tires
The Mitas brand offers a full range of radial and bias-ply tractor and trailer tires, as well as a wide range of general-purpose industrial and earthmover tires. The Mitas brand includes tires for off-road motorcycles and since September 2013 also radial road tires for motorcycles. This broad product range is complemented by the aircraft tire segment. Mitas brand tires are intended for worldwide distribution as original equipment by machine manufacturers as well as in the accessories market.
Global expansion
Currently, approximately 86 percent of all tires produced by Mitas are delivered to its customers in Europe. However, the company is working to expand its global presence.

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